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Build your business and increase your recurring income.

We provide value-added services to our agents through quality insurance products and carriers, industry leading sales tools and competitive compensation.

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Free qualified leads and appointments, state-of-the-art app. solutions, online quoting and proposals, CRM and more

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We are committed to building your business and helping you increase your recurring income.

Make More Money!

We offer, in addition to recurring income for your insurance sales, a bonus compensation based on production. You can earn more if you do more!

Medchoice Advisors Our Products

Medchoice is a boutique health insurance agency offering unique solutions and attractive benefits to our advisors. Our mission is to help you grow your business and provide the tools and expertise to become successful!

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plan is a health plan offered by a private company. These are health care options that are a part of the Medicare program.

Prescription Discount Plans

The Medicare Prescription Drug (Part D) plans offer coverage for the kinds of drugs most often prescribed for applicants enrolled.

Individual Health Plans

Private Medical Insurance (PMI). It allows clients to claim the cost of private medical care to treat severe health conditions.

Medical Supplemental Plans

Senior health insurance policy offered by private companies in order to expand the health coverage for seniors.

Dental Plans

Preventive care, periodic checkups, implants, and crowns.

Small group health insurance

Refers to plans that are issued to groups of people between 2 and 50.

Final Expense

Also known as burial or funeral insurance, and it is a whole life policy with a small death benefit.

Applicable in cases such as co-pays

hospitalization, and deductibles
for doctor visits, which are usually not covered by the Original Medicare Plan.

Applicants can use our discounted service

to cut considerable cost
by leveraging on our wide range of network providers.

At a glance, it covers small businesses

*with a small number of employees.
Small and medium scale businesses usually give this out to attract and retain employees. These small-group benefits include improved ACA-compliant options with well-defined benefits.

Policyholders can name any beneficiary

*usually a family member
Who would claim and receive the money upon the policyholder’s death.

Why Join MedChoice Advisors?


Take your business to the next level with our benefits, expertise and cutting edge solutions!


With our combined experience of more than 40+ years, we know what it takes to be successful. From our on-line educational sessions to our one-on-one meetings, we can help build a path of success and get you to the next level.

Online Enrollments

In today's environment we know what tools are needed to be successful! Get access to our cutting edge online enrollment system.
Making it easy for you to enroll clients!

Free Quality Leads

This is the most important piece of the puzzle! We access all different platforms to provide you with quality leads. All our agents receive free quality leads

On-Going Training

It is extremely important for our agents to be up to date with products and solutions. We put a lot of emphasis on training, whether it is from our carrier partners, internal trainings or learning from each other on what works and doesn't work.
Let's work together to help grow your business!

services we offer

Errors & Omissions Insurance
Quick Online Enrollments
Access to State of the Art Online Quoting
Production Bonuses
Offer Subsidies To Help with Overhead
Help with Marketing Ads, Banners, Periodicals
Multiple Carrier Access Providing Objectivity
CRM To Manage Your Clients
E&O Insurance
As a MedChoice Agent, we make available E&O insurance to cover and protect your business! Let's Chat!

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    Simple Enrollments
    In today's difficult times, it is important to have access to tools that allow you to grow your business and continue to help clients. Joining MedChoice gives you access to cutting edge tools that help enroll clients on-line or over the phone. To learn more reach out to us!

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      Quoting at your fingertips!
      As previous agents, we understand that time is of the essence with clients and impressing them with on the spot proposals goes a long way. We offer our agents access to our state-of-the-art quoting system offering clients a suite of products to fit their needs. Let's chat and discuss the opportunities!

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        Do More, Earn More!
        In addition to your recurring compensation, we reward our agents with production bonuses. Let's discuss the opportunity!

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          Subsidies Offered (AHIP Overhead, etc.)
          If you produce, we give back and provide subsidies to help cover costs and fees. To learn more reach out!

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            Marketing Dollars
            We assist with marketing dollars to help advertise your business! We help prepare ads, banners, and campaigns that will grow your business. Let's work together! To learn more reach out to us.

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              Provide Objectivity To Your Clients
              We offer access to all the top carriers in the business! Provide your clients with access to multiple carriers, products and solutions! Join us!

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                Access to your clients?
                We offer all the tools and support for MedChoice agents to be successful! Joining MedChoice gives you access to your own client CRM that helps manage your enrollments and grow your business! To learn more contact us below.

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                  Join Our Team!

                  We provide free qualified leads, appointments, and brilliant tech solutions for easy business proposals on-line or over the phone.


                    Carriers: We work with our nation's top insurance carriers offering quality plans.

                    Sponsor quality products and give competitive compensation with bonus structure based on production, overhead subsidies plus cost sharing, and more. 

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