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We help you compare Health Insurance Plans offered through NJGetCovered and other companies listed below. We offer hands-on guidance to help you choose the best plan for your needs.

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We are a full-service health insurance agency in the North Hudson area in New Jersey. We are catering to clients in need of health coverage.

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Our goal is to instill confidence and peace of mind to our clients by finding the best solutions to their healthcare needs.

What Makes Us Different?

Our vision is to build a health enrollment center for the community, where our clients can come and receive guidance and get answers to health-related questions.

Our Services

Medicare Advantage Plans

Health plans offered by a private company. These are health care options that are a part of the Medicare program.

Prescription Drug Plans

The Medicare Prescription Drug (Part D) plans offer coverage for the kinds of drugs most often prescribed.

Individual Health Plans

Offering Private health plans from young individuals to families across New Jersey.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Senior health insurance policy offered by private companies in order to expand the health coverage for seniors.

Dental Plans

Preventive care, periodic checkups, implants, and crowns.

Small group health insurance

Refers to plans that are issued to groups of people between 2 and 50.

Final Expense

Also known as burial or funeral insurance, and it is a whole life policy with a small death benefit.

Applicable in cases such as co-pays

hospitalization, and deductibles
for doctor visits, which are usually not covered by the Original Medicare Plan.

Applicants can use our discounted service

to cut considerable cost
by leveraging on our wide range of network providers.

At a glance, it covers small businesses

*with a small number of employees.
Small and medium scale businesses usually give this out to attract and retain employees. These small-group benefits include improved ACA-compliant options with well-defined benefits.

Policyholders can name any beneficiary

*usually a family member
Who would claim and receive the money upon the policyholder’s death.

Carriers: We work with our nation's top insurance carriers offering quality plans.

  • We are contracted with many different insurance companies allowing us to help you compare Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement plans, or Prescription Drug plans.
  • Find plans that cover your doctors and prescriptions.
  • Check if switching Medicare plans can increase your coverage, get you extra benefits and keep you within your budget.
Advisor rated 5/5
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